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UNGA Sustainable Tourism Resolutions

The Secretariat of the UN Tourism regularly prepares reports for the General Assembly of the United Nations on the implementation of UN resolutions, including recommendations on ways and means to promote sustainable and resilient tourism development. The reports, prepared at the global level and also focused on the Central American region provide updates on the implementation of programmes and sustainable tourism policies, both from UN Tourism and United Nations member States , as well as from relevant agencies and programmes of the United Nations system, and serve as basis for subsequent resolutions on the same issues.

Promotion of sustainable and resilient tourism including ecotourism for poverty eradication and environment protection

2022 UN Resolution A/RES/77/178
2022 UN Report A/77/219
2020 UN Resolution A/RES/75/229
2020 UN Report A/75/267
2018 UN Resolution A/RES/73/245
2018 UN Report A/73/274
2016 UN Resolution A/RES/71/240
2016 UN Report A/71/173
2014 UN Resolution A/RES/69/233
2014 UN Report A/69/223
2012 UN Resolution A/RES/67/223
2012 UN Report A/67/228
2010 UN Resolution A/RES/65/173

Sustainable tourism and sustainable development in Central America

2023 UN Resolution A/RES/78/145 | | | | |
2023 UN Report A/78/210 | | | | |
2021 UN Resolution A/RES/76/201 | | | | |
2021 UN Report A/76/217 | | | | |
2019 UN Resolution A/RES/74/211
2019 UN Report A/74/208
2017 UN Resolution A/RES/72/214
2017 UN Report A/72/174
2015 UN Resolution A/RES/70/196
2015 UN Report A/70/215
2013 UN Resolution A/RES/68/207
2013 UN Report A/68/278
2011 UN Resolution A/RES/66/196