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From Crisis to Transformation

Foreword of the Secretary-General

Launched on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2022, this report intends to adhere to the spirit and the ambitions of this year’s celebration, held under the theme of “Rethinking Tourism”. The theme embodies an essential step for fully realizing our sector’s enormous and unrivalled potential to deliver positive change and opportunity for people everywhere, while at the same time meeting our responsibilities to sustainability and climate action. Read more
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Executive Summary

This Report is designed to provide an overview of, as well as to examine and assess the work of UNWTO as it leads the global sector out of crisis and into the future.
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Six Pillars of Action

UNWTO’s work to guide the tourism sector from crisis to transformation is built around six pillars

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UNWTO: From Crisis to Transformation

Tourism arrival numbers show just how devastating the pandemic was for the sector. But they don’t tell the whole story. Within the space of two years since March 2020, the global tourism sector was first brought to a standstill before being reimagined and restarted on the back of a coordinated effort spearheaded by UNWTO.
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Leading Response and Recovery

UNWTO works to identify the challenges standing in the way of tourism’s restart as well as the key opportunities to return stronger and better. Building on the progress made before the pandemic hit, UNWTO-led initiatives have helped to restore trust in travel while working alongside businesses and destinations to embrace the power of innovation and digital.
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Tourism´s voice at the UN

The efforts of UNWTO are being rewarded at the highest level, from Heads of State to landmark support from Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, who has underscored the sector´s ability to lead economic growth and recognizing UNWTO’s leadership stating how “tourism can be a platform for overcoming the pandemic”. Read More

Speaking as One

Africa: Advancing a Strategic Vision
The Americas: Stronger, Greener and More Innovative Tourism
Asia and the Pacific: Enhanced Cooperation
Europe: Leading Tourism’s Restart
The Middle East: Innovation and Digital Transformation
Harnessing the Power of the Private Sector

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New Tourism Governance

The unprecedented disruption of the sector required commitments and leadership to rethink how to rebuild back better to address the deficiencies in the sector. UNWTO recognizes the importance of rethinking tourism governance at every level, while at the same time putting systems in place to restore trust in travel and so get the world moving again. Read More

Rethinking Tourism

Tourism is both highly vulnerable to climate change while at the same time contributing to it. Threats to the sector are diverse, including direct and indirect impacts such as more extreme weather events, pollution, water shortages, biodiversity loss and damage to assets and attractions at destinations, among others. Read More
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