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UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Insights into Key Outbound Tourism Markets

When: Friday, 26 January 2024, 11:00 – 13:00
Where: Fiturtechy, Pavilion 10, IFEMA

This UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner will explore consumer trends in key source countries for international tourists, featuring presentations from industry experts and offering a look into the emerging dynamics shaping each market in 2024 and beyond. Through insights and case studies, we will delve into the patterns, preferences, and innovations that are set to influence and define travellers' decisions when choosing their destination. It will offer valuable perspectives and help a wide range of stakeholders, including DMOs, to stay ahead in understanding the evolving needs and expectations of travellers according to their country or region of origin and adapt their marketing efforts accordingly.

Opening remarks: Mr. Ion Vilcu, Director, Affiliate Members Department UNWTO 


  • Global Trends + France, presented by: Ms. Myriam Younes, Director - Business Development, Expedia Group 
  • United Kingdom, presented by: Ms. Susan Deer, Director of Industry Relations, ABTA – The Travel Association 
  • Italy, presented by: Mr. Fabrizio Angelo Orlando, Global Director of Industry Affairs, Tripadvisor 
  • Spain, presented by: Ms. Rebecca Rico, Director of Social Listening and Digital Intelligence, ATREVIA 
  • Germany, presented by: Mr. Andrés Sánchez-Cid, Product Management and Innovation Manager for Travel, Allianz Partners 
  • United States & Canada, presented by: Mr. Nikolaos Gkolfinopoulos, Head of Tourism - Senior Manager, ICF 
  • India, presented by: Mr. Thomas George, Associate Director - Planning, Stark Communications 
  • China, presented by: Mr. Michael Wang, Vice-President of Content, Dragon Trail
  • Gulf Cooperation Council countries, presented by: Mr. Carlos Cendra, Chief Marketing & Comms Officer, Mabrian Technologies 
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